Samantha Johns

Samantha Johns


BOOK FAIR . January 3rd, 2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015at 10:00am – 4:00pm
3506 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

an installation performance piece
as well as a Book Fair.

-Books for Sale: CASH ONLY. No Cover.
-Coffee and orange slices available to the public.
-Photo Shoots throughout the day.
-Curated by Samantha Johns
-Many Authors [local & national]

a HOT START to begin a year.
on wanting to give you something.
on wanting to hug you and not knowing where to start.
or finish.

Some of the artists involved:
Alana Horton
Ali O’Reilly
Barrett White
Billy Mullaney
Bree Schmidt
Charles Campbell
Chelsie Newhard
Colleen Lamb
Emily Gastineau
Emma Barber
Eric Larson
Isreli Reichman
Jacob Mobley
Jay Gabler
Jiana Estes
Justin Spooner
Kevin Kirsch
Michael Fell
Micheal Sommers
Neva Dalager
Paige Collette
Paul Stucker
Samantha Johns
Savannah Reich
Shelby Richardson
Skyler Nowinski
Sophia Leenay
Stephanie Acosta
Tate Sheppard
Tom Lloyd
Trang Do

-Book printed on white 8.5"x11" paper only.
-Book folded hamburger-way [see attached image] only.
-Printed with black ink only.
-Length: 2 page min. [one piece of 8.5x11 paper folded], no Max limit.
-You may use staples to bind, but it is not required.
-You cover printing costs, you keep all profits.
-You set book price. [Dollar Increments, no change]
-You, or someone you choose, will be responsible for your table day of event.

Photos by Trang Do
[some by Tate Sheppard, Samantha Johns]

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