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Friday, January 3, 2014
$10 cash.

an evening of performance art
[letters to a new year. a hot start.]

The White Page
3109 E 42nd St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

Curated by Samantha Johns

Dan Dukich & Puny
Jiana Estes & George McConnell
Annie Enneking
Emily Gastineau & Billy Mullaney
Colleen Margaret Lamb
Savannah Reich
Psycick Slutz
Justin Spooner
Michael Sommers

an evening of performances to begin a year.
on wanting to give you something.
on wanting to hug you and not knowing where to start.
or finish.

illustration by Michael McConnell
poster design by Colleen Lamb

[program in order of appearance…. more or less.]
Curated by Samantha Johns.
White Page Gallery.
MPLS. 01.03.2014.

I really would like to quit.
Michael Sommers is an Artist in Residence at Open Eye Theatre where he has created over 40 works for the Open Eye Stage. Mr. Sommers is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Minnesota.

.Emily.Gastineau. & .Billy.Mullaney.
Emily is marking each minute as it passes on the clock.
Billy is marking them by feel.
Upcoming Shows: “It’s the Dollars in Your Wallet, Waterloo, It’s the Way That You Talk” at Skewed Visions' 3-Play on January 19th, “Fire Drill” as part of the International Home Theater Festival in late March, and a new piece as part of the Red Eye’s Works-in-Progress series May 28-June 1.

Dan Dukich (Daniel Bonespur) just finished a new recording he’s calling Dead People and will be supporting it on tour in January and February. Dan will also serve as Musical Director for Michael Sommer’s new work in Open Eye Figure Theatre’s upcoming Platform Series.

It’s kinda like goofball rock and roll.

.Jiana.Estes. & .George.McCconnell.
Jiana Made Over 500 Vines and
George Thought They Should All Be Shown Together
Made Over 500 Vines: Jiana.Estes
Thought They Should All Be Shown Together: george.mcconnell

Eat Work

Cake Walk!
Sam Rudy on Violin.
Justin Spooner is a theatre maker /designer /performer. For the holidays, Justin traveled to his hometown Fargo ND, where the brutal cold inspired “Cake Walk!” He hopes this event will melt away (or at least start to thaw) your winter blues. Justin currently teaches at the Saint Paul Conservatory for the Performing Arts. He holds a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Minnesota.

we don’t know how
Sam makes work based on her ability to understand what is needed in a given situation. She is beginning to understand her huge dependence on set systems. She comes from theatre and marching band and love. With other humans, she builds work that is often in response to theatre and marching band, and love. []

Six Monsters (A Seven Monster Play).
Savannah will be performing an excerpt from her work-in-progress. She is a writer, performer and schemer currently working on an MFA in playwriting at Carnegie Mellon University. “Six Monsters” will be re-appearing in Pittsburgh in February and in San Francisco in June, details coming soon.

something nice.
colleen is colleen. mostly a mess. sometimes funny.
she likes high-fives and side ponies.

happy birthday to you.
annie enneking plays and writes songs and music. she also fights and sometimes dances and acts. she has a band called annie and the bang bang.

New Years Revolution
The Psycick Slutz (featuring Starri Hedges & Maren Ward) are a ritual performance group devoted to collective liberation and healing the split between sex and spirit through multi-media art and other connections to the divine. Best known for their accapella folkcore queer ritual sex magick, the PSlutz have been building community through promiscuity since 1993 at a variety of strange venues. They can be heard on the Barebones CD “Tales from the Boneyard” and their self released "Keeping Love Free.

Tom Lloyd . Madonna Smith . Michael McConnell . Colleen Lamb . The White Page Gallery [Kathryn Sheldon. Alanah Luger-Guillaume. Alexis L. Stiteler. Rebecca Spangenthal] . Ma & Pa Johns . You, all of you .

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