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Fanciness vs. The Void
written by Savannah Reich
directed by Samantha Johns
July 2011

Original music by Luc Parker.
Set design by Lois Rhomberg
Produced by Cat Fish
At the Open Eye Figure Theater of Minneapolis MN,
and touring the east coast for two weeks immediately afterward.

Starring Paige Collette, Jon Mac Cole, Brandon Ewald, Luc Parker, Kait Sergenian, Carly Wicks and Kat Wodke.

We find our heros floating aimlessly though the ocean
in a small SHANTY BOAT after a MYSTERIOUS apocalyptic event!

Can they find meaning in their lives beyond PURE SURVIVAL?
Is there any point to making ART when there is no AUDIENCE?
If LOVE does not EXIST, is it possible to INVENT it?

A story of humanity lost and found, improbable romance,and fish singing country music.
photo credit by Marcus Metropolis

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