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Dali’s Liquid Ladies
Written by Savannah Reich
Directed by Samantha Johns

Bedlam Theatre 2009
National Tour Summer 2009 [CatFish]

A dark and subversive comedy about three mermaids plotting to kill Salvador Dali at the 1939 World’s Fair. It was produced by the Bedlam Theater as a part of a double-header with John Bueche’s “Come to DADA”. It subsequently toured the east coast, playing at underground art spaces and DIY venues, and was re-mounted in 2012 by Box Wine theater. Jay Gabler of the Twin Cities Daily Planet chose the Bedlam production as his number one play of 2009 in a top ten list from that year.

Starring Jon Mac Cole as Dali, Kait Sergenian, Savannah Reich and Katie Melby as the mermaids, and Mark Rehani as the Lost Nazi.
With original music by Tony Biele.
Costume design and construction by Emrys Stramer.


“The Top Ten Productions of 2009″, Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet.

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