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Staging intimacy as a shared value.
With a Friend or a Lover or a Stranger or Yourself. You pick.

“Not really performance so much as simply being.
Deliberately. In public. With another person alongside me.” M.Everett


A Performance Event by Samantha Johns and Paige Collette.
Sponsored by Irrigate and The Love Doctor.

Friday September 27th. 4pm – 10pm.
[The sidewalk In front of The Love Doctor –
1607 University Ave W St Paul, MN 55104]

You get to stand in one area and silently engage
with another person[s] or yourself.
Anywhere from 1 hour or up to 6 hours!
Your own social/endurance exploration
of being in proximity to another human being.

-You will perform in between the trees lining the sidewalk –
in front of Love Doctor.
-When you arrive. You can pick your location and begin performing.
-Sam will be there – if you have questions before you begin.
-The piece is silent.
-The piece is family friendly.
-The piece does not involve any objects/props other than humans.
[If you would like you may bring something to sit on –
if you do not want to stand for 1+ hour.]
-Clothing of your choice. Pedestrian attire.
-Ideally you will remain in one location during your performance time.
-You will be performing actions of intimacy and care.
Possible examples of Intimacy: Holding hands, Brushing a cheek,
Hugging, Kissing, Looking at each other, Standing back to back,
Thumb wresting, ETC [It could be one of these actions,
or all of these actions. Or what ever you feel best about.]
-If pedestrians ask what you are doing – we’ll have flyers for you to hand them.
-With-in this score, please make the piece your own.
-Relax. Have fun. Respect.

-If you would like to stay longer than you signed up for, wonderful!
-There will be photos and video being taken.
-We will have bottled water for you.
-Bathrooms are available in The Love Doctor.
-This is a Family Friendly Event.

Transportation: Free parking on Shurburne Ave [1 block North of Univ. Ave].
Buses run along University Ave.
Questions: email or call 612.385.6298


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