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You Don’t Have to Choose Between Dancing and Llamas and Being With The One You Love.
Directed by: Samantha Johns
Written by: Savannah Reich
January 2012.

This show was a collaboration with director Samantha Johns for the New Comedy Festival, hosted by Jon Ferguson. We began by watching dance movies, from Dirty Dancing to Step Up 2 The Streets, and then tried to tell our story in the most fragmented, difficult, bizarre way that we could manage while still trying to make everyone cry at the end.

With a cast of thousands, featuring Mark Rehani as Mark and Alisa Mattsen as Alisa.

Jon Ferguson Comedy Festival.
Lowry Theatre. St. Paul, MN
Photos by: Jon Ferguson & Samantha Johns

“At the Lowry Lab, New Comedy is No Joke” by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet.

“Since I started reviewing local theater five years ago, Johns, Reich, and their collaborators have produced some of the funniest, smartest, most touching, and just plain best shows I’ve seen.”

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